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Hair Routine!

Easy Peasy lemon squeezeee! Trust me, if I can do it you can too! Here are the simple quick steps I use to achieve my everyday curl style!

1. Start with damp hair. This is my hair after its been washed and leave in conditioner has been applied to it.

2. Part your hair to whatever style you prefer. This wide tooth comb is a lifesaver because its perfect for taking knots out of your hair without pulling your hair out!

3. Get your favorite curling cream! For today's video, I'm using Carol's Daughter Coco Creme! I use a lot of different curling creams depending on what happens to be close by but my family has been huge fans of Carol's Daughter for years and it never disappoints.!

4. So here's the twist out that I do all across my whole head! Its an easy two strand hair braid. Make sure you section your hair, apply enough creamer the size of about a quarter , comb it through if you feel like you still have any tangles left and then TWIST!

5. I make my twists from small to medium size! The smaller you make them the more defined the curls will be. I like to make them a little looser I try to stick to medium sized twists all across my head.

6. Don't forget to oil! Always remember "Dry hair is breakable hair". So don't forget to oil your scalp and ends. Here I'm using Shea Moisture 100% pure Argan Oil. A littel dab on the finger tips is all it takes.

7. Leave your twist in AT LEAST over night. You want the twists to have as long as possible to dry so that you can get them as defined as possible. To speed up the process you can run a blow dry over them for a few minutes. Wear a satin wrap or use a Stain pillowcase over night. *Pillow sheets can also dry out your hair.

8. Once you take the twists out, remember to have some kind of oil or shine on your hands. Try not to ever touch your hair with dry hands. Moisturizing is key. Us an afro comb through the roots (don't touch the curls with the comb) to give you more volume. Feel free to separate the curls to give you a fuller look!

I hope this was helpful to you! Message me if you have any questions!

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