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How I Live a Fun and Sustainable Life, All While Moving Around the Country Every Week!

I wouldn't say I've figured it out, but the more time passes, the more I've learned!

Let me preface this by saying, I’ve been on tour for a year now and this post will keep growing and morphing as I continue to figure out the best way to achieve this for

another year. This gig ain’t easy, but it is pretty freakin cool.

I used to think of myself as someone who doesn’t like change. But being forced to

carry your life around the country with you, sleep in a different bed every week, shop at

a different grocery store, actually opens you up to change as much as possible. Well, it

did for me anyway. I’ve gotten to a point where, by the time travel day rolls around i’m

ready to go. I’m ready to find my new coffee shop, my new apartment, and my new

favorite restaurant. You get into the habit of wanting to experience all the new you can.

Which in turn allows you to become less attached to things. A trick I think we could all

use in life.

  1. On the first day I like to do a light grocery run (which has taken me almost the FULL YEAR to perfect). I do this just to make sure I’m getting my vegetables in. A lot of times we’re in small cities that don’t have healthy options so I take matters into my own hands and make myself a couple of meals during the week and save my in between meals for splurging on restaurants near the theatre!

  2. Travel with packing cubes so you know where everything is for a quick semi-unpack. I travel with A LOT of clothes (definitely too much clothes). So I separate clothes in packing cubes so that I know where everything is. One for my underwear and socks, one for my workout clothes, and another for my tops! Plus, the packing bags I have for all my hair products and skin care products! Makes it very easy just to put everything in the bathroom as soon as I get to my new place without actually completely unpacking everything.

  3. FIND YOUR COFFE SHOP! Even if you aren’t really a coffee drinker or even a tea drinker I recommend to everyone. Its like a little comfort place to quiet yourself from the hustle and bustle of the travel day. This could be your place you go to every morning before you do anything just for a little read and a quick journal entry. Or even to watch how the locals do things.

  4. Experience the nightlife! No matter what they have going on, dedicate at least one day for a dinner and a drink with a friend! Gets you out of the apartment or hotel and reminds you to experience life wherever you can!

  5. Take lots of pictures! Memories are important. They remind you of the good, the bad, and the ugly, but most importantly that, regardless, you lived anyway.

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