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How to Deal With the Pressure to Create During This Crazy Time

The thing I find the hardest about the hit of this pandemic is the uncertainty of it. Not knowing when it will end, not knowing what to look forward to, and not knowing what the new “normal” will look like. I don’t do well with not knowing. So instead I overwhelm myself by becoming as busy as possible. I try to make a schedule, I give myself a goal, I workout everyday, and I obsess over creating something so that I can say I got something out of this. No correction, I NEED to be able to say I got something out of this because if not, what was it all for? Which is just a really unhealthy way of looking at things.

Those of us who are fortunate enough to not be hit too hard by this pandemic and only have the responsibility of staying home and avoiding getting on our parent’s nerves, have to remember that there is a World Crisis going on. The world did not stop so that we could finally get to that book we’ve been putting off (though that’s a great thing to fill the time). It stopped because the Universe, God, or whatever you prefer, is finally demanding that we sit down and take a rest.

For some people that does mean reading, writing, working out, creating. Rest looks different on all of us. Especially resting while the world is practically on fire. So each person is going to find a different way to fill the time. The most important thing is to find something that is about you and not about anyone else. Now is the time to really listen to yourself in a way you never have before. If you could create something just for you what would that be? And if your mind is filled with so much anxiety that all you really have the energy for is a “what should I watch on Netflix” argument with yourself then thats ok too! Remember, there is no right or wrong right now. Don’t punish yourself by setting expectations during a terrible time in our world’s history.

For me it’s taking naps. I never take naps and I still have the audacity to tell myself that “taking a nap is unproductive and since I’m home all day it shouldn’t be an option.” Which is not only the dumbest thing I could ever say but is also allowing me to punish myself. There is a pandemic going on and I am still holding these unrealistic expectations. By doing that I am only increasing my anxiety and setting myself up for failure.

So how do we deal?

Take it easy and take it slow. Sleep in, have a cup of coffee, binge watch one show at a time. Right now is the time to only be doing things that feel good to you. Because when was the last time you actually did that without having to sacrifice work you had to get done? Let’s cater to ourselves in a way we’ve never had the privilege of doing before.

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