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Ways to Change Your Anxious Energy into Creative Energy!

Yes, we are living in scary times and there are a lot of unknowns involved. But I say, the unhealthiest thing for our anxiety is to stress over the the things we cannot control! So here are a fill tips to turn your anxiety into something that benefits you and the people around you!

Color or Paint!

I am a proud believer of coloring when stress arrives. In fact, I own coloring books that are for anxiety and some that just focus on gratitude. If you are currently quarantining yourself, download something online and print it out and color to your hearts desire! Take it from me, it really takes your mind off of things.

2. Go For a Walk!

Put a playlist together, blast your favorite songs, and walk outside and take in the world! There is so much inspiration that can be taken from any and all things. Allowing yourself a leisurely walk can open your mind to things you , otherwise, would never take the time out of your day to experience!

3. Bake!

Queen, now is the time to put into practice everything you’ve learned from all those cooking shows on Netflix! You know you’ve always wanted to! And if not that, find some stuff in the kitchen and bake something! With no one to impress, now’s your chance.

4. Meditate!

How many times have you been telling yourself to take time to meditate in the week but haven’t? Now’s your chance. With nothing else pulling your attention away, let now be the time to take care of YOU. You owe it to yourself.

5. Move Your Body!

Whatever that means for you! Yoga, going to the gym, or finally taking the time to stretch your body. Moving around, helps to alleviate a lot of on going tension in your body which will then transfer to your brain!

6. Journal!

Write it out and feel it girl. All the feelings that have been bottled up that you haven’t taken the time to truly process, now have the space to be felt. Now is that time to put your feelings first. Don’t disregard this down time. Let your feelings have a place here.

7. Phone a Friend!

Check on your friends and let them know they are not alone. This is a scary time where people are being advised to physically remove themselves from others. But isolation alone can be a leading cause of anxiety and depression. So take the time to talk to the people you love and let them know.

If we stay in this together, we’ll get through it together.

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