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Ways to Keep Love Flowing During the Holidays

The other day someone asked me “Why has Christmas become such a global phenomenon?” It started off as the story of how Jesus was born, but has now become this huge holiday celebrated around the world regardless of religious affiliation. I realized that Christmas is so widely celebrated because it preaches kindness and love. People are willing to spend more money on their family and even strangers because of it. It makes people WANT to do good. But sometimes we can get caught up in gift giving or trying to impress family or worrying about indulging in too much food for the holidays. Here’s a list I put together of ways to keep Christmas centered on the most important thing: LOVE.

You’re allowed to enjoy food.

Food is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated, especially with family and friends. Don’t let an overstuffed belly ruin you’re time. Focus on being grateful that you have a full plate of food at all.

2. Let the people in your life know you are thankful for them.

I believe the holidays are a great time to show gratitude! Let everyone you love know and embrace the feeling of giving love to everyone around you.

3. Carve out alone time while visiting your family.

If you’re like me, you’re going home for Christmas to a state you don’t live in. So there is lots of family to see and lots of catching up to be doing. Make sure you spend as much time with your family as well as time with yourself. Don’t forget that its also a vacation for you. Maybe time to reconfigure you’re thoughts or just time off from work. Don’t spread yourself too thin.

4. Make space for messy feelings.

The holidays is a time to come together. It’s hard for that not to make you think about past relationships or friendships in which you shared this holiday with. Don’t beat yourself up for getting sentimental.

5. Celebrate all you have accomplished.

The year is coming to and end. Be grateful that it happened and all you’ve learned from it. How lucky you are to have taken the breaths you did this year and how wonderful it is to be starting a new year.

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