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Let’s Talk About Bods Bay-By!

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change - Wayne Dyer

So I grew up being the “bigger sister” even though I was the youngest. Puberty hit me a lot faster than it hit her and it felt like everything I ate attached itself to me as I moved through life. I grew up always thinking I had “bad genes”. At age eleven, I tried to monitor every single thing I ate and at one point even going on a diet that consisted of watching my sister like a hawk and eating everything she ate. Which was pretty much just bread. Needless to say, my body never reacted the way hers did. That’s where I began this mentality that my body was different and I couldn’t splurge like everyone

else could or else I would inflate and it would take me YEARS to take it off.

Thus created this endless journey of mind over body, happiness over size. Not

to mention once instagram was created and it became a hobby of mine to constantly

compare my body to other people’s highlight reel, I went overboard. It consumed me. This idea of what I was supposed to look like. So for awhile, I chased this false idea of

what sexy is and cursed my god-given curves and grew more self-conscience

every single day. Here’s why: I was doing it for all the wrong reasons.

Ciara’s Old Reasons for Working Out:
  1. Look like my sister in a bikini

  2. Gratification from others

  3. The satisfaction of a before and after instagram post

Now these reasons aren’t completely bad and also haven’t completely gone away. But the main point is they had nothing to do with me. They were all about other people. And that is what consumed me. I walked through life hoping for compliments and

getting upset when i didn’t receive any. Wanting all the likes on instagram. I turned into

a notification fiend and let the internet tell me whether or not I was good enough.

Which was BAD.

And it took breaking down in a Cracker Barrel restaurant in front of my ex to get to this realization. I was obsessed more with the outcome than the actual journey. I was in the gym working my ass off everyday but stressing myself out in the process. Because I

didn’t wanna be there for me.

So I took a BREAK. Okay maybe a couple of breaks. Until I finally got my priorities in

the right place.

Ciara’s NEW Reasons for Working Out:
  1. I love how lit makes me feel.

  2. Seriously, when you sweat a lot your body releases endorphins that actually bring you JOY and lower rates of depression (its a fact, look it up)

  3. When I get up early and complete a workout I feel like I can do ANYTHING, plus as a singer, it makes my whole body feel warm and ready to perform!

  4. My body thanks me for it by fighting off sicknesses throughout the year as I travel across the country!

  5. Feeling strong is feeling sexy, powerful, and confident. After a workout I feel like a WARRIOR!

  6. Last but not least, It just makes me feel like i’m kicking ass.

In my opinion, the key to a “fitness journey” its finding your WHY for working out. Make it be the reason that keeps you going everyday. Let it be something that excites you and challenges you. I hope this was helpful! Let me know your reasons below!

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