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A Guide to Portland and all the Trendy Places!

Wow! What a city! The rainy weather actually made every walk more enjoyable and the warm food a perfect touch to everyday. Not to mention, super hip and super trendy! Here are some of my favorite places I got to visit!

This bookstore is the largest independent bookstore in the world! When I heard that, you know I had to see! It takes up an entire block and goes on for forever! It is so cute and has ever genre and every book you've probably ever heard of! They've got a cute cafe where you can grab a coffee and a pastry and start your new book!

Truly one of the best breakfast sandwiches I've ever had and it came from a FOOD TRUCK! Portland is known for their incredible food trucks. Fried Off Im in Love can be found in Pioneer Courthouse Square. This is a picture of the Yoko Ono! Their signature dish! Fried egg, homemade pesto, parmesan, and a hand pressed house sausage patty! Went back the very next day for a second one!

You know I am nothing without my coffee and Case Study became one of my favorite destinations! Super cozy and earthy vibe and the coffee fits the mood! I love any coffee shop with natural lighting!

The cutest, most decorative bar I've ever been too! Disco balls, plants everywhere, and comfy cute very isntagrammable couches! The cocktails were to die for and had the cutest names. I got the "Friend of a Friend" which included Vodka, Lime, Autumn Spices. They also listed it as a "fall cosmo". And their Mac and Cheese Pie was unbelievable!

Yup! we did this too! Just a 35 minute drive from the city but it makes you feel like you're going out to a different country! A grow of us got together and were led by two of the sweetest tourists! The views were between 15 to 120ft but insanely gorgeous! Zip lining is something I reccommend to everyone!

These are just a few of the incredible things I got to experience! I hope to be back to Portland again soon! Let me know if there's anything I missed!

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