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My Week in New Orleans!

A beautiful city in Louisiana filled with vibrance, character, beautiful architecture, tasty food, an incredible jazz scene, and the best of Southern Hospitality! I have been dreaming of coming to this city since I knew our tour would be stopping here! Not to mention dreaming of those perfectly powdered beignets! Here’s a list of all of my favorite things I did this week!

1. The French Quarter

While here I could never get enough of this area! I felt like I was walking through the streets of Europe again. Local boutiques, art stores, cute cafes, something to do on every corner!

2. The Vintage

In the Garden Disctrict, the cutest coffee and cocktail bar that you have to stop in! Not just for the assortment of beignets, but this adorable little piano turned ottoman that you can actually play on!

3. Brennans

Located in the heart of the French quarter we stopped here for our first Breakfast! Brennan’s originally opened in 1946 and they specialize in Cajun/Creole Food. My mom and I had the Avocado Toast with crab meat, the applewood maple bacon, and the delicious sparkly pear champagne!

4. The Garden District

One of the most charming areas I've ever been to! The streets are aligned with single story cottages to grand historic mansions and lavish gardens! Caught this photo in front of the vibrantly colored Commander's Palace!

5. Bourbon Street

We hit the very famous Bourbon street on a Wednesday night and even then it was still poppin! The street extends for 13 blocks From Canal Street to Esplanade Avenue and there's something happening in every single bar! Lots of cover bands playing your favorite hits!

6. Cafe Du Monde

A true dream! Ended up here three times in this very short week! The beignets are super cheap and the cafe au lait is the perfect touch! Very messy but warms the heart just as much!

7. Carousel Bar and Lounge

This was by far one of the coolest bars I've ever been to and fits my vibe more than anything else! The bar actually acts as a carousel and turns every few minutes. The live band playing "Nayo Jones and the Experience" was the best band I heard all week! The drinks were fantastic and we danced all night!

8. Tableu

A classic French-Creole restaurant that's three stories with a balcony overlooking the French Quarter! I had some of the best shrimp and grits I've ever had in my entire life finished off with a lovely Pinot Noir!

Last but not least, no trip to New Orleans is complete without me being a little extra and doing a Princess Tiana Inspired Photoshoot all over the French Quarter! Dress, shoes, and belt found at this adorable boutique by the name of Damez and Dolls. Never wanted to take this outfit off!

Until next time New Orleans!

Sincerely, Ci

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