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Natural Hair Journey- It's Messy But We Love It ( LuvMe Hair Review)

Let me first start off by saying there is absolutely nothing easy about going natural. Contrary to popular belief it is not washing your hair and letting it air dry and bounce around while you frolic through the forest. But instead a lot of trial and error when it comes to finding the right products as it is not a one size fits all adventure. It is going through the awkward length phases and even finding out that your hair may have multiple curl patterns on different parts of your head. It is a lot of work not only when it comes to styling but also unlearning toxic beliefs you have about straight hair and long hair being the epitome of beauty. But we as natural hair women get to discover the bravery and courage that it takes to uncover our true selves, to go back to our roots, back to the beginning where beauty starts from where we are.

As some of you may know, I originally chopped all of my hair off in November of 2017 and have been growing my hair out ever since. I have had a lot of fun with trying twist outs, braid outs, and perfecting my wash n go, but a lot of the time it's hoping and wishing that the thing you did differently this time will get your hair to come out exactly as you want it to. That isn't always the case, which is why I was BEYOND EXCITED to try LuvMe Hair's headband wig when they reached out to me. I have been craving a new look and would normally avoid wigs. I've never really been into them as I know sometimes it's very expensive to find the right kinds that last long and style well. But when I saw all the different curl pattern wigs and the fact that you can put it on like a HEADBAND I knew I had to give it a try.

and boy was I over the moon.

I chose the jerry curl 20 inch as I felt like it was really close to my curl pattern and I didn't want anything that was too wildly different than what I'd normally wear. Let's just say this is the hair I hope to have in the next ten years. Length, curl pattern, and all I am absolutely in love with the turn out. The wig comes in a super cute purple box tied with a bow and inside you can find a wig cap, bobby pins, and 5 other styles of headbands. After I did my wig prep ( a braid out) it took me two seconds to put on the wig and I transformed into a whole other woman. The wig is light weight and feels super secure on my head. I wore it out with friends and got sooo many compliments. Truly felt my confidence sore! I am so excited to wear this wig as a protective style for the days when I want to to keep my braid out and twist out in to dry longer.

I think this headband is great for someone going through their transitional stage of being natural and is still struggling with finding the style that works for them. There is no shame in going natural and feeling uncertain about the way that it looks. But wearing wigs like this are really wonderful alternatives to giving in to that flat iron! It's also unhealthy to constantly be touching your hair with dry hands or constantly putting product in it. So LuvMe Hair's beautiful wigs give your hair some rest and most importantly, give you some confidence in your transition.


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